Monday, January 25, 2016

First Animation

1. My first impression programming with Scratch was "this is cool!".
2. The easiest part for me was coming up with a storyline for my sprites.
3.The greatest challenge for me was figuring out how to control my sprites.
4. I wanted to make my sprites dance in the last scene, but i couldn't quite get it right so I abandoned that idea and made them just move.
5.I would like to know how to make my sprites do more things, other than just walk/run.
Here is my scratch project.

Maze Game

My first impression using scratch to make a maze game was pretty confusing, I had to come up with a idea as well as actually bring it to life. I definitely didn't stick with my original ideas, it just became too much for a beginner. I hope someday I can become better and create the game I had in mind. The easiest part for me was creating the backdrops, and the most challenging was getting my sprites to cooperate with what I had in mind for them. I made a circle maze starting in the center of the circle and working your way out.Here is my Scratch maze.

Platform Game
My first impression using scratch to make a platform/jumper game was "this is gonna be cool!" After a few attempts I realized how complex it actually was. The easiest part was coming up with an idea, the hardest was bringing the idea to life. I wanted to make an interesting game but it was a little trickier than I thought. I would like to experiment with scratch more so I can learn how everything works.

Robot Unit
When I first started off attempting to build the robot it seemed alot harder than it actually was. It was basically just putting together a bunch of Leos following some instructions. When my group completed the robot we began to program it and that also seemed alot harder than it actually was. I began programming it to make a sound when it sensed something near it, this was the door alarm, which was the easiest to me. The most challenging was the light sensor, it was a much more complex programming session than the rest.

"Research on Careers in Technology"
       After researching possible careers in technology, I narrowed it down to three I was most intrigued by. I did research on being a Web Developer, Software Developer, and an IT Manager.
         A Web Developer is voted #3 in best technology jobs. If you've ever been on a website, you can thank a web developer for how it's put together so perfectly. A web developer's job is to create a website, to the liking of their contractor, that is easy to navigate through. They are in charge of what colors, fonts, graphics, links, and any special effects are shown in a webpage. Web developers often split their work, for instance one will be in charge of programming/coding while the other works on the visuals (graphics, colors, etc). As more companies strive for expanding their online businesses, more and more web developers will be hired. The average salary is $63,490.
    Software Development is #2  in best technology jobs. A software developer is responsible for how apps, computers, websites, etc. run. Software developers are creative and create innovative ideas. They are also responsible for improving technology that is already up and running. With the technology industry constantly growing more and more everyday, there is a high demand for software developers. The unemployment rate is 2.5%. There are hundreds of jobs in software development. The average salary is $95,510.
       Lastly, an IT Manager is rated #4 in best technology jobs. An IT manager is responsible for the future of modern technology. They provide visions, needs, and goals for a company's technology. They are responsible for meeting with top executives, planning upgrades, negotiating with vendors for the service of their current products or the purchase of new ones. It is also an IT mangers job to protect the company from hackers and malfunctions. The unemployment rate for an IT manager is 1.8%, giving to due almost all organizations needing IT managers. An average salary is $127,640.
    Out of these three, I am most interested in Web Development. Web Development offers a much more promising outlook for the future, because of how many upcoming businesses are going into online businesses between today and 10 years from now. It also offers a stress-free environment  and high flexibility. To land a job as a web developer I would have to earn a bachelor's degree in Computer Science, or Information Technology. Also certifications, for web developing, internet webmaster, advanced developer, etc. Also have a well put together portfolio, and have experience in this field. 

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